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Kelly MacDonald, PFT, CPT, CES, FIS
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Mobile Personal Fitness Trainer

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Fitness Assessment

What to Expect 

** This Is an Individual Fitness Assessment Performed Prior to the Start of The Very First Training Session **

The fitness assessment takes approximately 60 minutes.


  • Resting Heart Rate and Blood Pressure
  • Weight
  • Height
  • BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Measurement sites on the body (e.g., biceps, natural waist, hips, etc.)



  • OHS (Over Head Squat) Assess the Anterior, Posterior and Lateral Views
  • Split Lunge (Both Left and Right Leg)
  • Push Ups (As many as you can, while assessing form.)
  • Standing Tubing Row
  • Sit Ups or Crunches (Assessing Form)
  • Front and Side Plank (Timed)
  • Wall Sit (Timed) (You can choose to have each leg assessed individually or assess a normal wall sit.)

** It is important that you DO NOT smoke or consume caffeinated beverages or eat TWO hours prior to your assessment. This can affect the results. **

** Refrain from participating in VIGOROUS physical activity and drinking alcohol SIX hours prior to your assessment. Any previous activity can affect the results as well as drinking. **

** Please wear comfortable; loose fitting workout clothes to allow for proper measurements to be taken. Please have a pair of workout shoes to train in as well as a water bottle. **