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Scandinavian Connections - A Guide to Sites in Alberta

Alberta has a rich Scandinavian heritage and this informative book includes accounts and photos of more than 300 sites in the province that have strong Scandinavian connections – be they Icelandic, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, or Norwegian.

The book was published by the Scandinavian Trade and Cultural Society, located in Edmonton.

Some of the featured sites in the book include churches, schools, settlements, historic buildings, museums, and monuments. These sites had people of Scandinavian heritage who were involved as founders, organizers, builders, attendees, workers, participants, or contributors.


Scandinavian Studies - University of Alberta - the only university in Canada that offers a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Scandinavian, Bachelor of Arts Combined Honors Degree in Scandinavian and a Bachelor of Commerce Degree/Major in European Studies - Scandinavian.

Facebook: and

The Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies offers courses language instructions in Norwegian and Swedish. 

Courses in culture of Scandinavian countries are also available.


The Lefse House - your source for Scandinavian specialties, located in Camrose, Alberta


Dutch Canadian Centre & Home of the Scandinavians - a perfect facility for all your meetings and celebrations.