Volunteer Positions

Hot Prep (2)

These volunteers prepare the hot foods and make sure that the heated serving trays have food ready to be served, eg. Wrapping the lefse dogs, cabbage, piirakka heated, and meatballs.

Hot Servers (2)

These volunteers serve the hot food when the front servers request it.

Front Servers (3 to 4)

These volunteers take orders from customers and tickets.

Back prep (2 to 3)

These volunteers prepare the trays of deserts for the front counter, check to see if trays need to be replaced.

Riskrem (2)

One volunteer mixes up the riskrem and the other volunteer assists and also fills the cups of riskrem  and tops with the raspberry sauce so they are ready to serve when customers request them.

Coffee (1)

Volunteer prepares coffee and also pours coffee when front servers get orders for coffee.  This person can sit down if needed.

Serving Sima (1)

If we have enough volunteers we have one volunteer stationed there to serve and take tickets.  On a really busy shift they sometimes take tickets and serve with the front servers.

Reefer runner (1)

This volunteer goes back and forth to the reefer truck for supplies.  Helps with washing dishes, emptying garbages etc.

Condiment table (1)

Keeps condiment table clean, fills up supplies as needed and empties garbage, can help with washing dishes.

Pop Tent (2)

These volunteers keep ice on pop. Serve and take tickets for pop and water.