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3-13: Facilitating Growth and Skill Development

As a community disability services worker, an important role includes helping individuals learn new skills so they can become full participants in community life by increasing their ability to participate in a wider range of community activities. To support individuals in their learning, it is important to understand the planning and goal setting process and be familiar with a wide range of teaching strategies.

Moreover, as learning is a lifelong activity, individuals will likely learn new skills and strengthen existing abilities on a continuous basis. Indeed, many enjoy learning new skills well into their senior years. As such, community disability services workers typically find it necessary to call on their knowledge of teaching and skill development in their work with the individuals they support.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this module, you will be able to:

  • Describe the planning process used to help people with developmental disabilities learn functional and age-appropriate skills.
  • Identify and use a variety of teaching strategies to help individuals learn new skills.
  • Collect information about individuals’ behaviour and display it on a graph.
  • Discuss ways to help individuals develop the skills they need to participate in community life.
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