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2-6: Safety Issues

1. Alberta Employment & Immigration - OHS Act, Regulation & Code
This website provides links to the OHS Act, Regulation and Code as well as reviews, guides and explanations of recent changes.

2. Alberta Employment - List of Approved First Aid Training Agencies
This list is updated quarterly. It providees a list of approved agencies, courses offered and approval levels.

3. Training and First Aid Equipment Requirements
Alberta Safety Regulations are based on the hazard classification of the workplace and the number of employees in the workplace. This website describe the type of safety kit required in different stituations.. The information is extracted from pages 430 - 436 of the Regulations.

4. Enmax - Electrical Safety at Home
A series of indoor safety tips for working with electricity.

5. Atco Electric - Home Safety
General information about outdoor safety and electricity.

6. Cooking Safety Tips
Most destructive home fires start in the kitchen — these tips can help you to prevent them.

7. Fire Can Happen to You
Fire safety tips from Government of Alberta.

8. 2008 Winter Fire Safety Kit for Alberta Homes
The most common fire causes during the winter season are fires related to candles, home heating, cooking, smoking, children playing with fire, laundry dryers, and electrical sources. This 22-page booklet from Alberta Emergency Management Agency provides detailed safety tips that apply to all seasons.

9. Fire Extinguishers
This website describes and provides instructions for the use of fire extinguishers.

10. Municipal Affairs

  • Barbeque Safety: Follow these safety tips for propane and natural gas barbeques to ensure a safe and enjoyable barbequing season.
  • Propane Safety: Used properly, propane is a safe and convenient fuel. Follow these tips to stay safe.

11, 2008 Burn Awareness Week Kit
This 12-page booklet from Alberta Emergency Management Agency includes information about burn characteristics, hazards, scalds, prevention tips and first aid.

12. Alberta Poison Centre
The Alberta Poison Centre is a free province-wide service for advice about poisoning and possible poisoning situations.

13. Carbon Monoxide Safety
This Municipal Affairs publication provides provides information about carbon monoxide.

14. Deleted.

15. Health Canada WHMIS Information
This website provides detailed information about WHMIS.

16. X-treme Safety - A Survival Guide for New and Young Workers
Workers under the age of 25 are 1/3 more likely to be injured on the job. This Work Safe Alberta guide helps workers identify hazards and stay healthy and safe.

17. Alberta Caregiver College - Falls
This webpage discusses falls, prevention and strategies to avoid falls and provides a list of relevant resources.

18. Don't fall for it. Falls can be prevented!
This PDF document is an excellent guide to preventing falls. Although written for older people, it applies to everyone. It provides easy-to-follow instructions, complete with diagrams, and information on topics such as staying mobile, eyesight, footware and fall proofing your surroundings.

19. Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety

  • Parking Lots - Fall Prevention: Most people use or cross parking lots. This article describes fall hazards specific to parking lots.
  • Stairways - Fall Prevention: Stairs are inherently hazardous. This article provides information, including diagrams, to help ensure stairways can be used safely.

20. Heated Debate about Hot Water
Water at 60 degress C, which is a standard setting in Canadian homes, can cause third-degree burns in most adults in six seconds. This Canada Safety Council provides hot water safety tips.

21. Hearing Loss and Leisure Noise
As sound levels increase, the duration of daily exposure becomes an important risk factor for hearing loss. This Health Canada website provides information about sound levels people may encounter during leisure activities.

22. Hearing for Life
This two-page brochure from Workplace Safety & Insurance Board Ontario discusses noise induced hearing loss.

23. Reporting Unfit Drivers
The College of Physicians nd Surgeons of Alberta provides this two-page guideline for reporting unfit drivers due to medical concerns.

24. Curb The Danger
This Edmonon Police Service article provides instructions for the reporting of impaired drivers.

25. Working Alone

26. Evacuation Resources

27. Fire Safety

  • Home Fire Escape Planning from the Fire Safet Council provides tips for preparing a fire safety plan to get you and your family out quickly and safely.
  • Fire in Home Checklist from New South Wales describes what to do in case of fire in your home.
  • Caregiver’s Guide to Fire Safety from Province of Ontario is written for caregivers of people with Alzheimer Disease but the information it contains is widely applicable.

28. Incident Reports - Work Safe Alberta

  • First Aid Records is a 5-page brochure that describes first aid reporting requirements and includes a First Aid Record form.
  • Reporting Injuries and Incidents is a 16-page brochure intended to help employers report and investigage workplace accidents and incidents.



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