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F108: Adaptive Equipment

1. American Speech-Language-Hearing Association 

2. American Sign Language - Wikipedia
This provides an overview of ASL.

ABLEDATA provides objective information about assistive technology products and rehabilitation equipment available from domestic and international sources. Although ABLEDATA does not sell any products, it can help you locate the companies that do.

4. Communication Tools

  • ChatPC-4: Aroga, which has an Edmonton office, offers the ChatPC-4 and a variety of other communication and accessibility tools. ChatPC-4 is a voice synthesizer.
  • Establishing an Encoded Eye Gaze Communication System describes how to construct and use a low-tech communication board.
  • Eye Tracking - Wikipedia: An eye tracker is a device for measuring eye positions and eye movements, which can be used in high-tech communication systems for people with disabilities.
  • Gus Communications: This American company offers a range of communication devices for persons with speech disabilities.
  • Do2Learn: This American company develops resources such as communication boards and cards.

5. Introduction to the ACE Centres
This video introduction to ACE, a UK-based charitable organization, provides relevant information about communication needs and issues.

6. Augmetative Resources
The website of this Florida-based private company provides information about a range of communication tools and devices.

9. Augmentative and Alternative Communication
Circle of Inclusion
offers methods to represent symbols, select symbols and transmit the message.

10. Beth Anne Luciani
This advertisement for DynaVox presents a success story for DynaVox, a speech synthethizer.

11, Using Visual Strategies to Improve Behavior
This PowerPoint-style PDF document addresses various methods to improve behaviour.

12. Shoppers Home Health Care - Mobility Aids
Shoppers Home Health Care offers a wide selection of mobility aids, lift chairs, transfer devices and other products.

13. Seating - Use & Care of your Seating System
This Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital 10-page publication addresses the use and care of wheelchairs and specialized strollers.

14. Wheelchair Up A Step
This YouTube video shows how to climb a step with a manual wheelchair.

15. Wheelchair Ramps
This website provides an overview of available wheelchair ramps. It contains links to access ramps, stair lifts, van ramps and other related products.

16. Negotiating a Wheelchair Ramp
Negotiating a ramp requires skill and practice to help you keep your balance and your momentum.

17. Shoppers Home Health Care - Supports & Braces
Supports and braces are also available from Shoppers Home Health Care.

18 Adaptive Clothing Providers

19. Cutlery and Kitchen Aids

  • CaregiverProducts.com: This website shows many images of assistive cutlery as well as other assistive products.
  • Samsons Preston: This Canadian company offers a wide variety of products, including dining aids.
  • Maxi Aids: This American company offers a variety of utensils, including cutting boards with attached pivot knives and other enhancements to help address a variety disabilities.

20. Dentures

21. CNIB: Eye Conditions
This website provides information about a number of eye conditions.

22. Hearing Loss 

23. A Guide to Choosing and Using Assistive Devices
This thorough and useful document is designed to encourage seniors to explore all the assistive devices at their disposal. It is provided by Public Health Agency of Canada.

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