A donation to the SONS OF NORWAY FOUNDATION IN CANADA is a meaningful way to make a difference. Your donation will help ensure:

  • the continuance of scholarships for post secondary students of the future
  • that members of the Norwegian community and others have access to support for the preservation of our culture and heritage
  • the preservation, for future generations, of the many programs offered by the SONS OF NORWAY FOUNDATION IN CANADA

Making Your Donation

 For more information about making your donation, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

There are four ways to make your donation:

  • Direct Donations Open or Close

    Direct donations can be made to the Foundation by cash or cheque. Donations will be acknowledged by the issuance of tax receipts for use in Canadian tax returns.

    • Please use form CF006 – indicate in section 1 which fund is to receive your donation. The donation and donation form can be sent directly to Foundation Treasurer or forwarded through your local Lodge Foundation Director or Foundation representative.
    • When completing the Donation form (CF006), be sure to fill in your Lodge name and number so the donation can be credited to your lodge for the Founders Award program.
    • Memorial donations can be made to the Foundation or Channeled to another designated recipient (see Channeled Donations instructions). The family will receive a letter of condolence and notification that a donation has been made in memory of their loved one. Use form CF006.
  • Publicly Traded Securities Open or Close

    Canadian tax laws permit the donation of Publicly Traded Securities, such as common shares, to the SONS OF NORWAY FOUNDATION IN CANADA. This way, you do not have to pay capital gains tax on your investment. A tax specialist can advise if such donation process is advantageous to you. The Foundation has special accounts, with Royal Bank of Canada, to faciliate the donation of publicly traded securities in the manner specified by Canadian tax laws. A tax receipt is issued once the process is complete.

    This type of donation can be a direct or a channeled donation.

    You or your broker should contact an Officer of the Foundation if you are considering the donation of publickly traded securities.

  • Channeled Donations Open or Close

    Individuals or groups can make channeled donations to other charities or non-profit groups by designating the recipient. It must be noted that the recipient agency must meet the recipient criteria consistent with our Foundation Bylaws and Policies.

    Please contact any Board member if you have questions regarding eligible recipients for channeled donations.

    Please use form CF006 (Fill in Designated Recipient box). Send channeled donations with completed CF006 directly to the Foundation Treasurer.

  • Bequests – Leaving a Legacy Open or Close

    Leaving a Legacy is a personal decision that will allow the SONS OF NORWAY FOUNDATION IN CANADA to offer its various programs for generations to come.

    You, your lawyer or your accountant should contact a Foundation Officer if you want to establish a special fund with your legacy. This way, you can ensure your proposed critieria meet both your requirements and standards and those of the Foundation.

    Making a bequest – Leaving a Legacy – is:

    • Simple: A charitable request can be made at any time for any amount. All that is needed is to include instructions in your will for a bequest in favour of the Sons of Norway Foundation in Canada.
    • Tax Friendly: Your estate will receive a tax receipt for the full amount of your bequest. This may reduce the taxes payable on the estate tax returns. When writing or updating your will ask your lawyer to determine the most advantageous bequest process for your estate. This may vary from Province to Province.
    • Flexible: A bequest can be in any amount or a percentage of your estate. Changes can be made to your will regarding the bequest at any time.

Click here to view and download a PDF version of CF006 Donation Form. (PDF files require Acrobat Reader to view and complete. If you are experiencing difficulties opening a form, click here to upgrade to the newest version.of Acrobat Reader.)

Donation Support Programs

You have the option to specify how your donation is used by the SONS OF NORWAY FOUNDATION IN CANADA:

  • General Fund - When you make a donation to the General Fund, you allow the Foundation's Board of Directors to allocate your donation to one or more Support Programs. Ensure you indicate your preference if you wish to benefit a specific Support Program.

(The following options are described in the Grants/Apply for Funding section.)

  • Humanitarian Support Program
  • Cultural Grants
  • Tormod Rekdal Cultural Grant
  • Post-Secondary Scholarships
  • Folkehøgskole Bursary
  • Oslo International Summer School (OISS)
  • Lysne Rosemaling Bursary
  • Karel and Bjarne Thorshaug Norwegian Studies Bursary
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